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Engineering  |  Devils Invent

2019 – 2020 Events

Devils Invent: Devils Invent High

October 25–27, 2019, Tempe Campus

Devils Invent : Devils Invent High challenged students to identify a solution to a problem from their high school experience (grades 9-12), that would have improved their overall school experience. Local teachers from the Maricopa County School District served as judges and mentors for the event.

Event Winners: 

Team: “Big Hero High”, Jainthkumar Laguduva, Upasana Kandhadai Balaji, Jen Wang, William Mank, Suihua Zhou Gerblick, Douglas Wollschlager

                                                                                   Sponsored by:

Devils Invent: NKK SmartDisplay®

September 27–29, 2019, Tempe Campus

Devils Invent brought to you by NKK SmartDisplay® was focused on their SmartDisplay® technology. A SmartDisplay® is a revolutionary new way to combine the tactile feel of a button with the immersive display of a touch screen.

Event Winners: 

Team Members: Aditya Sudhakar, Pawan Vijayanagar, and Taylor Ortiz
Project: “Our goal was to improve the safety and efficacy of remotely or centrally controlled mechanisms using the NKK SmartDisplay. We achieved this by designing a system which would stream real time video of the mechanism in action directly to the Smart Button which controlled it. This created a feedback redundancy for the operator and also served to increase the operator’s confidence in these mechanisms.”